Interview – Beatophrenic

Beatophrenic (AKA Oliver Herrmann) is a DJ from Muenchen who specialises in electro, hip hop and minimal styles. M3 spoke to the man behind the beats about new online platforms for budding amateur musicians…

First of all, could you tell us a bit about yourself, and what it is that you do?
Beatophrenic – My name is Oliver Herrmann. I was born in Beijing in 1989 as a citizen of the former eastern Germany and grew up in Asia (China, Thailand). Momentarily I’ m studying business in Munich, Germany.

What inspired you to start Beatophrenic? What is your own musical background?
Music has always been an important factor in my family. My mom being a singer and playing the guitar and my dad being a drummer I got into contact with music very early in life. Since I’ve never had the patience to properly learn to play an instrument, I used my voice instead.  Growing up listening to German and American hip-hop/rap, smitten by swag, sound and story I soon started taking my own tentative steps in writing rhymes and making beats. I was 11 at the time.  The artist Beatophrenic has went through a vast development in the last 11 odd years. Mixing genres, assimilating the the urban vibe I grew up with.

As an amateur musician, how do you get your music out there?
Obviously nowadays the internet provides a perfect distribution structure for young and upcoming artists. Me personally I like to use Soundcloud, Facebook and Beatport.

What benefits and/or disadvantages have arisen from this distribution method?
The obvious disadvantage is the fact that there are no more physical mediums. No more vinyl’s, no more mix tapes, no more CD’s.
The advantage is that my music is available worldwide.

On average, how many people would you say still pay for a release when given the option to download for free?
Almost nobody. Especially younger people don’t feel morally committed to buying music.

Would you say this method is a realistic possibility for the future of music distribution?
Providing hard work for free? I don’t see how that is going to work out. Musicians have to live off something…

What would be your preferred medium to listen to music (eg. Vinyl, CD, tape, MP3 etc.), and why?
Definitely vinyl.

Do you feel the idea of an album, as a piece of art that people will listen to from start to finish, has been undermined or forgotten about in the digital age?
Yes, somewhat.

What is your take on the current SOPA/ACTA controversy?

Finally, what does the future have in store for Beatophrenic?
I wouldn’t have to make music if I knew.

For more information on Beatophrenic you can visit his Myspace page.


About M3 Event

The music industry is rapidly changing. The internet has enabled widespread piracy, as well as a variety of new business and distribution models. We want to offer an engaged audience in and around the Euregion an opportunity to develop a coherent and detailed picture of the future of music distribution. On the 31st of May 2012 a music conference in Maastricht, consisting of oppositional debates, creative workshops and lectures, will provoke opportunities for intellectual stimulation, debate, as well as networking. We hope to utilise the skills and ideas of some of most forward thinking minds and operators in the industry in order to highlight some promising new ideas and areas which can be improved upon.

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